June 13, 2020
September 19, 2020


New single OUT NOW

New Single "One Man Standing" OUT NOW!

"One Man Standing", the first single of the upcoming VikKe Album Wired Nation is OUT NOW and is available on Spotify and iTunes.
To check out a brand new video of it , visit:
New single

"One Man Standing" coming out soon!

The release of VikKes new single "One Man Standing" is around the corner. Stay tuned on social networks for more information and insights.


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Full Band Show

Full Band Show & Release Party Announced!

Join VikKe for her Birthday Release Party Show on 21st of March 2020 in Riff, Bochum (DE)

Tickets are available HERE:
New Name, New Page

New Name, New Page!

Welcome to the official VikKe Page (artist, previously known as Vic Anselmo)! Feel free to browse!


VikKe is a Latvian-born singer and songwriter living in Bochum, Germany.

Latvian singer-songwriter VikKe (Viktorija Kukule / previously known as Vic Anselmo) is the first alternative female artist to ever attain recognition outside of the Baltic States. Hearing her stunning voice and inspired songwriting, it’s not difficult to understand why. She has the ability to draw in the listener, giving them a glimpse of her inner world of sensuality, joie de vivre and melancholy with seemingly effortless ease.

VikKe's fascination with music began at a very early age. She started with traditional piano and vocal lessons, but began to write her own songs by the age of ten. Her debut album “Trapped In A Dream” (2008) was chosen as Newcomer of the Month in Orkus! Magazine. VikKe's second album “In My Fragile…“ (2011) brought her even more recognition and received an enthusiastic response by fans and music critics alike.

Aside from her solo work, VikKe has also been involved in several interesting music projects with the likes of Antimatter, Anneke van Giersbergen, Liv Kristine, Rhani Krija (Sting), Kari Rueslatten and Duncan Patterson amongst others.

Following her collaboration with Dutch producer Joost van den Broek (Kovacs) on the album “Who Disturbs The Water” (2015), VikKe is currently in the studio with another Dutch producer, Gijs Coolen, collaborating together for the second time after the EP “Backyard Novelties” (2016) and working on the final stages of the upcoming record "Wired Nation". A change of sound and arrangement is to be expected this time, whilst not abandoning VikKe's unique voice in music.

In her lyrics to "Wired Nation" VikKe is providing a personal and intimate perspective of trying to navigate through life in the 21st century, with the impact of social media on her own life and that of others being a recurring theme.

Musically, VikKe's new sound is like she is channeling the essence of Billie Holiday, Dead Can Dance and Sia in equal parts, being served up on a dizzying blend of electronica, 1940's jazz and Hans Zimmer-esque drums.


One Man Standing

© 2020

Backyard Novelties
(Digital EP)

© 2016

  • 01 / Horizon
  • 02 / Beverly
  • 03 / Open Wide
  • 04 / Mother Stands for Comfort

Who Disturbs The Water

© 2015

  • 01 / Another Train
  • 02 / Flawless
  • 03 / Say You
  • 04 / Who Disturbs The Water
  • 05 / Holy Ground
  • 06 / Every Time You Come Around
  • 07 / Cody
  • 08 / My Every Breath
  • 09 / Daylight
  • 10 / Dream

In My Fragile...

© 2011

  • 01 / Introduction
  • 02 / More Than You Can Comprehend
  • 03 / Open Wide
  • 04 / Horizon
  • 05 / Wellspring
  • 06 / Bone's Blues
  • 07 / Ashes
  • 08 / Secrets Of The Universe
  • 09 / Das Dunkle Land
  • 10 / In The Darkness
  • 11 / The Day
  • 12 / Who (Acoustic Live)
  • 13 / Bone's Blues (Acoustic Live)
  • 14 / Leaving Eden (Acoustic Live)
  • 15 / Tumsha Nakte (Acoustic Live)

Trapped In A Dream

© 2008

  • 01 / Who?
  • 02 / Beverly
  • 03 / The Flight
  • 04 / World From Here
  • 05 / Put Your Spell On Me
  • 06 / Underwater
  • 07 / Before I Could Breathe
  • 08 / I Cried
  • 09 / Deadman Walks
  • 10 / Bus Stop
Cover - One Man Standing Single (2020)

One Man Standing (Single)
© 2020

Cover - Backyard Novelties Digital EP (2016)

Backyard Novelties (Digital EP)
© 2016

Cover - Who Disturbs The Water (2015)

Who Disturbs The Water
© 2015

Cover - In My Fragile... (2011)

In My Fragile...
© 2011

Cover - Trapped In A Dream (2008)

Trapped In A Dream
© 2008


One Man Standing


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